Plant Care


Determining your plant placement can be difficult! I know - because I am always moving around plants at home.

Indirect Light - light a location receives without being directly in front of the sunlight. It can be filtered light by a sheer curtain. Or a corner in a bright room away from a window.

Direct Light - light directly from a window. This is the brightest light also depending on the time of day

Medium Light - light received in a dimmer room with maybe north facing windows, or a placement near indirect light.

Low light is very little to no natural light




Watering your plants can look very different from plant to plant. Some plants love moist soil, while others thrive off dry soil. Get friendly with your soil! If you are unsure about judging how moist the soil is based off touch alone, you can also use a moisture meter. A moisture meter will tell you exactly how your soil is doing and when to water your plant next.