Maple Lago is an online destination created to ease your mind when choosing plants to become apart of your home. Let's face it, plant shopping can be overwhelming. Our mission is to provide you with the comfort and confidence in plant parenting. 

Behind Maple Lago

Hiii, I'm Jocelyn, creator of Maple Lago and mama to 2 kiddies and over 40+ plant babies!

Moving to the country side after living my entire life in the city was a huge culture shock. One of the many things I miss is the abundance of local plant nurseries. I miss being able to walk into a plant shop and sort of vibe with a plant and then go home with it that day. I miss the exclusivity of plant shopping without the trends and without the big box names. Maple Lago was designed from that longing of supporting your local shops and just connecting with plants at the bare level.

Whether you are filling your space with house plants for the aesthetics, for air purification or simply for companionship ... plants are essential to our well being! I'm so happy you're here, thank you for growing with us!